What to look for in an office

13th Jun 2017 by Space2B

Cardiff was recently ranked third in the UK for its thriving commercial property sector according to the Property Week Hot 100 Office Index 2017.

Beaten only by Brighton and Edinburgh, the Welsh capital was praised for, among other things, its public transport, the quality of its road network and wi-fi speed. So, now we have confirmation that Cardiff is an ideal place to base your business, and with new developments popping up all the time, there’s never been a better time to start the search for your perfect office. But where to start and what to look for?

  • Location – we’ve established Cardiff is perfect, but where in Cardiff? Think convenience. You’ll need somewhere that’s easy to get to, both for your staff and for visitors. Easy access to main roads or the motorway is a major factor if you go to lots of business meetings.
  • Parking is critical. No one wants the stress of fighting for spaces before they’ve even arrived at work, and it may put visitors off coming to you if they’re not guaranteed a space. Is it close to public transport for those that don’t drive?
  • Another thing to remember is that your office address will appear on business cards, letterheads, email signatures etc. and will reflect your company, so choose somewhere you will be proud to call your company’s home.
  • Space – how much do you need - now and in the future? It can be a fine balance planning for future growth; you want somewhere you can grow in to, but don’t want to pay for space you’re not using. Look for an office provider that has a range of office suites so you can move to a bigger space if and when required.
  • The lease – at The Maltings we offer a no minimum term contract, meaning you have security but aren’t tied down. A lot of offices will make tenants sign up to a fixed term, but what if your needs change? This is another factor where longevity comes into it.
  • First impressions – what does the exterior of the building look like? Although, it won’t affect the office space inside, it can make a huge impact on visitors and even potential new employees. Is there a managed reception to greet your guests? Is the décor modern and clean? Does it reflect the right impression you want your company to make?
  • A social life – we know work isn’t just about work. Is there somewhere staff can take a break, grab a coffee or a bite to eat? Is there a place to let off steam like a gym? If yes, great! But check who is in charge of maintaining these break out areas – a good serviced office will take care of all the cleaning and upkeep.
  • What are the neighbours like? Find out which other companies rent offices there and ask them about it. What do they love, and is there anything they might change? How long have they been there for?

Other things to consider when you’re on the move, are security, wi-fi, heating and air conditioning. Although it may seem daunting, it’s an extremely exciting time and moving offices means your business is on the up. We wish you all the best and if there’s anything The Maltings can do for you, get in touch. We’re ideally located between Cardiff Bay and the city centre, and have 100 serviced and self-managed offices between 120 to 3,000 square feet.

To find out more about The Maltings visit space2b.wales, call 02920 46 20 45 or email space2b@themaltings.co.uk.


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