3 tips to hiring and retaining superstar employees

23rd Apr 2018 by Space2B

Your first few employees will often set the tone for your culture. Follow our tips on how to find excellent employees whether you are a start-up or established business.

At any stage of business, it’s crucial to ensure you put time into your recruitment process. Getting the right team in place is what is going to make your business successful.

Your first few employees will often set the tone for your culture. Follow our tips on how to find excellent employees whether you are a start-up or established business.

Do you need a recruiter?

Whilst outsourcing to a recruitment company can seem like an easy option; it’s important to ask yourself – Is this a cost that is necessary or can you utilise your network and skills to pick out a potential candidate. Set up a string of coffee meetings to get to know potential candidates within your network. You just never know who you’ll meet!

However, for a role that requires specific skills or experience; a recruitment company may be a great way to utilise their expertise and access to potential candidates to get the right candidate for your business.

Perfect your job description, expectations, company values and benefits before you set out. If you’re not sure what your business is looking for, how do you expect potential employees to know?

The interview stages

At this stage, you have your list of potential candidates and now is the time when the recruitment process really begins. Choose whether an informal chat over a coffee or a formal boardroom-style interview will work best for your company.

Not only is an interview a chance for the candidate to impress; it’s also a chance to show off your business, product, team and ethos. How does the candidate react to the environment and team? How does your team feel about the candidate? Encourage feedback from both parties.

Once the interview is over, ensure you see them out and let them know the next steps; whether it’s a second interview, or a yes or no answer. The impression you as a company make through your interview process can be the difference between employing a superstar employee or having to go through the interview process again and again.

The first day, first week, first month, the first year

Once the candidate has accepted the role; choose your next few steps wisely. What can you do to make them feel part of the team from day one, or even before their first day? Many companies send out welcome packs for new staff including a welcome note, a mug and a few goodies expressing how excited they are about working together.

Remember, it’s the little things that count. Employees want to feel valued and part of something special. The more you and your business can achieve this, the likelihood of employing and keeping a superstar employee is higher!

Sitting down with your employee regularly for updates, feedback, and listening to their ideas means an employee will feel valued. It’s an important part of your business and if this attention to detail drops then losing your high valued staff member becomes a higher risk.

Those are our three tips – We’d love to hear how you hire your superstar employees and how you retain these key players!


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