How many people love their jobs?

18th Sep 2017 by Space2B

Do you dread Monday morning and spend the whole working week counting down until 5pm on Friday? If so, you’re actually in the minority as a recent YouGov survey (August 2017) found that two thirds of UK workers like or love their job.

The survey asked 1,133 British workers what they thought of their job, and reassuringly only 6% said they hate it and 10% dislike their occupation. On the flip side, an overwhelming 45% like their job and 17% love what they do for a living. It was found that women are more likely to be in a role they find enjoyable.

When asked if they’d rather have a low-paying job they love or a higher-paid job they didn’t, 64% of the same respondents plumped for the former.

So what are the ‘best’ jobs out there in terms of happiness and staff morale? A survey earlier in the year by One4all found that the five happiest industries in the country are the arts, construction and trade, leisure and travel, information and communications, and education.

If you’re not one of the fortunate people to reap job satisfaction, find yourself in a job you didn’t envisage doing or are stuck in a rut and not sure where your career path is taking you, there are certain things that can make an average job great.

  • Communication is key – if there is something you’re not enjoying or struggling with, speak out. Tell your boss and work out a solution.   
  • Challenge yourself – no one wants to do the same thing day in, day out; we need stimulation. Set yourself challenges, ask to be moved to another department or be put on a new project to stave off boredom.
  • Be the best – If you do a job you are good at, chances are you’ll enjoy it more. 


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