How to cope with being self-employed

14th Jul 2017 by Space2B

Around 5million people in the UK are self-employed – which can often mean working on your own. You may have client meetings and speak a lot on the phone, but it’s not the same as working day in, day out with the same colleagues.

You may even co-work or share an office with other freelancers, as is becoming more popular, but chances are, you’ll all be working on your own thing and won’t have much time to stop and chat or bounce ideas off each other. You might work from home and use a virtual office like The Maltings offers with your own personal answering service, and yet have virtually no contact with the outside world. 

So, what are the best ways for the self-employed to stay sane?!

  • Join a networking group – It will give you the chance to talk to like-minded business people, some of whom might be in the same boat as you. Share your thoughts, your ideas and your visions. Ask for feedback. Ask for advice.
  • Remember to step away from the computer – Although from the outset it looks like the self-employed have a pretty good work-life balance; you get up when you want, go out for coffee when you please and can clock off as early as you like, for many it can be quite the opposite. You might feel guilty for leaving the laptop and end up working late into the evening to make up for lost time if you do. It’s important to keep your social life during the week. That doesn’t mean skiving off to go for drinks or lunch whenever you please, but the key is to find a balance.
  • Work where you want – With Wi-Fi and Mifi and gizmo galore, you can take your work with you. The working world is your oyster. Even if it’s just to your local café or park, a change of scenery and the chance to see actual human beings will help combat any lonely blues. Get social on social media – Find people near you who share similar business interests, either just to chat or to build a working relationship. You might be able to help each other out.

If you want more information about The Maltings virtual offices which combines your own mailbox and secretary, or if you want to join Space 2B at The Maltings and be a part of our thriving business community call 02920 46 20 45 or email


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