Keep Splott Tidy and Maltings MoneyBox Campaign

12th Mar 2018 by Space2B

Keep Splott Tidy receives £250 from Maltings MoneyBox Campaign

Keep Splott Tidy was launched in August 2016 by residents Lynne Thomas, Louise Clarke and Peter Durrant, who had an interest in promoting local volunteering opportunities and making the area a better place.

Our inaugural litter pick was launched in Moorland Park. To our great surprise and delight, more than 30 volunteers turned up and we collected over 30 bags of litter.

Since then, the group of volunteers has met on the last weekend of the month, alternating between a Saturday and a Sunday, to target different areas in Splott.

So far, Keep Splott Tidy has conducted 15 litter picks, logged an excess of 30 hours of volunteering, engaged over 200 volunteers and collected over 400 bags of rubbish from the streets of Splott. 

“The fantastic volunteers include a lot of families with young children that attend our litter picks, which instills important environmental and social values from a young age.

We ask residents at the end of each litter pick where they would like to target next month, to ensure even coverage across Splott and alternate picks between a Saturday and a Sunday to ensure that as many people as possible who would like to volunteer can do so.

We have also organised community fundraising events that local businesses have supported by donating prizes.  These events have raised over £400 for equipment and CCTV and have brought new people to the group and helped spread our positive message.” Commented Louise Clarke on behalf of Keep Splott Tidy.

Keep Splott Tidy is a way for people to contribute to their area, feel better about themselves, make an the environmental difference, make friends, feel part of something and become less socially isolated. 

Elizabeth Scott, Marketing Manager at Space2B at The Maltings said “It was a no brainer for us, being based so close to Splott and seeing the passion the group has for their cause. We also love the reasoning behind the name of ‘Tidy’. They use the word ‘Tidy’ in the true Welsh sense: Splott’s a Tidy place, full of ‘Tidy’ people, with ‘Tidy’ buildings, an incredibly ‘Tidy’ history, and the ‘Tidiest of Tidy’ communities. We’re really looking forward to an ongoing relationship with the Splott Community”. 

Keep Splott Tidy provides Spice Time Credits to volunteers for each litter pick, allowing volunteers to be rewarded for their efforts with vouchers to be redeemed against activities like free swims at the STAR Hub, free tickets to Cardiff Devils and much more.  

In addition to all of this, participants have met new people, made new friends, joined different groups, increased their social circle, increased their level of physical exercise and seen parts of Splott they never knew existed!

The Maltings MoneyBox Campaign has allowed Keep Splott Tidy to buy much needed additional equipment for their 2018 litter picks, especially for the children as we have very few litter pickers and gloves for them.

We launched our Moneybox Community Campaign with the aim to help the local community in South Wales. New groups have until 30th April to apply for our next round of funding, worth up to £250!

We’re inviting local groups to explain how we can help them. So, whether you’re a cricket club that needs new bats, or a brass band that needs new trombones – The Maltings want to hear from you!

The Maltings’ Community Money Box Campaign is open to any group across South Wales who believes they can benefit from a little extra funding. For your chance to be a part of it, send your club/organisation/group name plus the reason why you should be chosen and how much funding you’re after (up to the value of £250) to or The Maltings’ Community Money Box Campaign, The Maltings, East Tyndall Street, Cardiff Bay, CF24 5EA.

Winners must be willing to take part in promotional activities.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you! 


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