Life Sciences at The Maltings

19th Mar 2021 by Lloyd Bowen

Space2B at The Maltings is home to a vast array of businesses. With us, under our iconic roof, we have legal professionals, recruitment consultants, web developers, designers, architects, sports therapists, barbers, production companies, and more.

There is, however, one business sector that has slowly grown in numbers at The Maltings, and that is life sciences. The term ‘life sciences’ refers to companies that work within the fields of biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, biomedical technologies, life systems technologies, food processing, and organisations and institutions that devote the majority of their efforts in the various stages of research, development, technology transfer and commercialisation.


The first science tenant to join us at The Maltings was Lextox, which began life as a business in a 4-person office. 10 years later, they are a company with over 100 staff members and with more than 14,000 square feet of workspace.

Lextox provides drug, alcohol, and DNA testing services for family law cases and childcare proceedings. Within their 14,000 square foot workspace, they have state-of-the-art laboratories to conduct their scientific testing to provide their clients with reliable results, and responsive, client-oriented service. Since their inception, they have reduced the average industry turnaround time for Analysis Results and Expert Reports, and have set the bar for service levels, seeing a substantial growth in loyal client base, reaching over 14,000 family law solicitors and local authorities across the UK.

“Lextox first started trading in one small room at The Maltings with four members of staff. Over the last 9 years our business has experienced unprecedented growth – we now house over 100 members of staff and three laboratories across two floors. The Maltings provides us with the flexibility to grow as our business does.” – Katharine Burton, Marketing Manager at Lextox.


Bond Digital Health joined us at The Maltings in January 2020. They believe that better health management should be informed by real data and so they provide technology services, such as app development, cloud data management, and data analytics dashboards, that enable rapid diagnostic companies to digitise their offers and use data to improve people’s lives.

“We’ve always wanted to be in a space with a vibrant and thriving life sciences community, and The Maltings is home to a growing one. Being in The Maltings helps us to reinforce our position right in the middle of the diagnostics community and strengthen relationships with our network. You can run into somebody, engage in a spontaneous conversation, and next thing you know, it turns into an opportunity or an introduction. We know that small details make a big difference, so we’re happy that our office space solutions add this much value to our business. It’s a creative space that gets clients excited when we bring them in to co-create their next ground-breaking diagnostic product! The team are also very friendly and accommodating, and they give us the flexibility we need.” – Victoria Agova, Marketing Manager.

Glucose Republic develop and provide technology aimed at helping people eat and live healthier, by allowing them to manage their glucose intake. Glucose Republic enable their users to balance their glucose levels through understanding their responses to food. Utilising unique artificial intelligence to create tailored diets with decision support.

“We, at Glucose Republic, believe we have made the right choice in choosing The Maltings to incubate our business. Great surroundings with flexibility to accommodate growth, a rich mix of people and companies and a growing life science ecosystem all add to the benefits of be based at The Maltings.” – Julian Shapely, Co-Founder.


In July 2020, Concepta Diagnostics moved their head office from Sharnbrook in Bedfordshire to The Maltings. They are focused on helping women through their conception journey, by enabling them to track their hormone profiles with the aid of their personalised Fertility Tracker, Mylo. Mylo uses an inner camera to quantitatively measure the results on a lateral flow urine test stick so that a specific measure of luteinising hormone can indicate impending ovulation. Mylo can also then confirm a positive or negative pregnancy test for their customers, who can then use their free App to track cycles and pinpoint ovulation on a graph. The Concepta team have also been working on new product developments including new fertility hormone tests, and some innovative Smart App technology.

“Relocating from Bedfordshire to The Maltings has enabled us to bed into the heart of the Welsh Life Science Community, effortlessly, and we are working alongside a number of our new neighbours to explore collaborative opportunities. Moving in during lockdown has meant that we haven’t had a full taste of Maltings life, but so far the experience has been positive. Our team is finding the site convenient and accessible whether travelling by road or train, and the companies we have connected with have been extremely welcoming and proactive.” – Penny McCormick, CEO.


Wynne-Jones IP is a UK and European intellectual property (IP) firm, specialising in patents, trademarks, designs, analytics, and all things IP. Experts in their fields, they have been protecting intangible assets for more than 50 years.

Although not a life science business themselves, Wynne-Jones IP, who recognise that IP plays a vital role in the modern business environment, have a significant amount of experience in life sciences. Their years of technical experience in this area include bio-sensors, diagnostics, assays, pharmaceuticals and drug synthesis, small molecules, plant breeders’ rights, biochemistry, microbiology, pharmacology, biophysics, and much more.

The Wynne-Jones team also provide their life sciences clients with important strategic advice, helping them to identify strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats through landscape searching and analytics.

“Life at The Maltings is a pleasure. The building is quirky and has character, but the environment is vibrant, and facilities modern. It’s conveniently located and more than just a space to work, going the extra mile by providing services such as buses and bicycles.” – Dr Elliott Davies, Patent Attorney and Partner.


It’s fantastic to see so many life science businesses thriving with us at The Maltings. The work these companies do never ceases to amaze and excite us. Our passion is to see local businesses grow and with life sciences at The Maltings, we’re able to see a range of companies go from strength to strength.


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