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13th Nov 2017 by Space2B

We sat down with Matthew Adams, Director of webfactory to find out why he started webfactory and what his plans for the future are...

Hi Matt, thank you for taking time out of your busy day to answer some of our questions. We’re looking forward to finding out more about webfactory and your plans for the future. 

First things first – When and why did you decide that you wanted to start your own business? 

I always knew I would at some point start a business. My parents and grandparents all ran businesses while I was growing up and now my siblings and I have grown up, we’ve all started businesses too. I guess it is in the blood.

That’s pretty impressive – An entrepreneurial family trait! What advice do you have for entrepreneurs in Wales looking to start up a business?

I guess my best advice would be to have a good spreadsheet. Mapping out your business costs and how the cash flow might behave over time really helps plan ahead. It also helps adjust your business model if needed. You need to make sure that your business model actually works and you aren’t caught out by short terms cash flow issues.

Yes! We love an excel spreadsheet. If you could describe webfactory in only three words – what would they be and the reasons why?                                                                                                         

Ø  Ambitious - We have great plans to establish ourselves as the go-to place for small and startup businesses for website design

Ø  Optimising - We obsess over improving our processes to try and remove possible issues, reduce frictions, generally anything we can do to make things run more smoothly

Ø  Innovating - Unlike many in our industry haven’t just taken off the shelf software and tried to make our customers fit into it. We’ve built our software from the bottom up software for our clients specific needs which give us a real point of differentiation from others in our industry.

We’re excited to see you grow! We’re sure it’s not all fun and games running a business though - What do you find the most challenging thing about running your business? 

I would say generally I find human resources the hardest part of my job as I am not naturally someone who likes to tell people what to do. On the plus side though I think being less autocratic helps make a nice working environment where people feel involved in decisions we make as a company. 

We think you make a great boss! What advice do you have for prospective employees who want to work for webfactory? 

I like people to be proactive, engaged and excited about what we are trying to achieve. Make sure when applying you stand out. Generally, the bits which are the same on all CVs we just ignore e.g. ‘work well in a team’, ‘can use excel and word’. What we really like is when people put something tailored to us and the role that they are applying for - it goes a long way. For example, this could be a cover letter that shows they clearly understand what we do and why they are excited to work for us. One of our designers tailored their CV with a really cool ‘hello webfactory’ graphic at the top which stood out a mile from the generic CVs indeed pumps out.

Great advice – we stand by that! The Tech and Creative sectors in Cardiff and South Wales is definitely on the increase which is amazing to see. What are your hopes for the Tech and Creative Industries in South Wales and beyond?

We have some great skills here in South Wales and the universities are really supporting the growth of that skill base. My hope is that this drives the creation of new businesses and also it attracts businesses to move into the area. It would be great for example to see a big name choose Cardiff as a base which will boost things even further.

Thanks Matt – Now we want to know a little bit about the Director of webfactory…

Tell us your favorite place to eat in Cardiff and why…

Going from my bank statement you would probably think Dominos as its features regularly, however, I think that is more an indication of my laziness after coming home from a long day at work. In terms of going out to eat though, I’m partial to a mid-week Prezzo with a 50% voucher from vouchercloud.  

We feel a pizza theme coming on! We think we know the answer to this question, BUT what phobias do you have?

I guess my biggest phobia is insects. Spiders with disproportional legs to bodies send a shiver down my spine. Flies I’m less scared of but I generally find them pointless and annoying creatures. I’ve banned opening windows in our office to keep them out, so while we thank The Maltings for the hi-tech remote control opening velux windows in our office... You could have saved your money :)

We just knew how important no insects in the webfactory office were to you. What is the weirdest job you’ve ever had?

I worked one day on a brewery production line. My job was to put the lids on the large kegs and then hit them with a hammer. It was quite a strange environment, quite alien to anything I had done before - Safe to say I won't be going back in a hurry!

Thanks Matt – it’s been an absolute pleasure getting to know you a bit better.  We're looking forward to a long-standing and growing relationship with you and the team! 

Find out how webfactory can help your business --> here … And don’t forget to follow them on social media... 





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