The benefits of co-working

09th Jan 2018 by Elizabeth Scott

Co-working seems to be the new trend and ‘Collaborative working’ seems to be the message, but what exactly is co-working, what are the benefits of collaborative working? and what is all the fuss about?

Co-working started as a way for new businesses, freelancers and start-ups to work under the same roof within a coffee shop or office environment – Now, it’s much more than this. It is a way for companies, both large and small, freelancers, homeworkers and start–ups to come together in an innovative way to create, collaborate and innovate on projects and expand their networks. 

Here are just three benefits of co-working;


Build a network and collaboration opportunities

In a co-working space, you are likely to encounter people from different sectors and walks of life. Co-working can boost your network and in turn connect you with the most relevant people for your business, from potential clients, suppliers or even business partners. People who work in co-working spaces tend to be like-minded, talented and highly professional people who are likely to benefit and even become a crucial part of your business.

Co-working workspace tends to gather people from different sectors, each person is an expert in their own industry – From web design to accounting and everything in between. Being within close proximity of these experts means someone is always ‘on hand’ to answer any questions and provide quality advice, in turn, broadening your knowledge.

Creativity flows in co-working environments, with break-out spaces, outdoor areas, quiet rooms and collaboration areas for members to make full use of. This means that there is always somewhere different to share your ideas and obtain feedback from like-minded companies and individuals. These collaborations often lead to project or business expansions which may not have been possible without being in a co-working environment. 

Increased Productivity

It has also been proven that people using co-working spaces are more productive due to the mindset that is generated from being in a creative, collaborative space with other entrepreneurs, start-ups and small businesses. This often means that the benefits to your business, mental health and productivity levels far outweigh the small membership fees to be a part of the community.


Unlike the distraction of a coffee shop, home working or other public spaces – co-working is set up specifically as a work environment, whilst being relaxed, inspiring and encouraging collaboration and networking. Being surrounded by other co-workers increases motivation and productivity allowing you to separate work life from home life. It can become difficult to manage the boundaries because it’s too easy to become distracted by Netflix, the dog, household chores, etc whereas having a structure in place, and leaving the house and interacting with your co-working community will help you achieve a healthy work/life balance.


Get inspired and grow your business  

Home working can be isolating and also distracting when surrounded by families in coffee shops. Having co-workers that are ambitious, creative and like-minded can inspire you. These people are often in the same situation as you – lone workers who want to succeed in growing a business, so why wouldn’t you want to surround yourself with these amazing people?


Not only being inspired by the people you meet – Co-working spaces are designed with quality, creativity, flexibility and functionality in mind, allowing you feel comfortable no matter where you decide to sit that day. They usually have everything you need to grow your business without the long leases or bills. Desks, chairs, tea, coffee, printers and photocopiers are all included in the price of your membership meaning more time to be spent on growing your business.


For a lot of people joining a co-working space, their goal is to grow the business. Scaling a business involves working with others, gaining advice, attending events and creating learning opportunities. Whether it’s hiring a new member of staff or attending a session on how to do your tax returns, being in a co-working environment with a supportive community and making the most of the events and networking will ensure your business flourishes. Some co-working spaces (like ours) also have larger offices for when your business moves to that next stage, meaning being part of a like-minded community throughout your business journey.


Does this sound like your perfect workspace? Contact us today to register for a free trial.


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