The Benefits of Collaboration

28th Jan 2019 by Lloyd Bowen

The world of business is a competitive place, with many companies continually pushing to be ahead of their competitors and striving to provide a unique service to their clients and customers. 

While these attributes are important and key for many businesses to thrive, we understand that collaboration can be just as valuable. Synergy is a word that describes two or more organisations interacting cooperatively to achieve a greater result than the sum of their separate efforts would reach. Collaborative work provides an opportunity for synergy with other companies, which can see all involved grow and succeed. 


Perhaps the most obvious benefit of collaborative working is the opportunity to network and build familiarity within your business community. Working with others towards a shared goal allows you to demonstrate your abilities and what your business can bring to a project. In the same vein, you can see how other businesses work and identify those within the team who could be assets to your company in the future. 

The more individuals and organisations your business is exposed to, the more contacts you will make and sometimes, as the age-old saying goes: “it’s not about what you know, it’s about who you know”. Pair this sentiment with a strong work ethic and through one project, you can demonstrate how competent you are to a wider audience. 

Competence breeds confidence in your services and brand. The more people who feel confident in your abilities as a business, the faster and stronger your reputation will grow.


Hand-in-hand with networking with other businesses, when you collaborate, you are exposed to a wider client base than you perhaps would if you were going it alone.

If you’re brought onto a project by another business, the chances are you will connect with the client/customer, which is a chance to make a direct contact. Through associating with a provider already known to the client, there will be an element of trust for your business, right from the start.

In those instances where you do not directly meet the client, through the quality of the work produced, the reputation of your businesses would grow as part of a unified team, with your business associated with the success of a project.

Even when you’re not actively working on a job, your business can get exposure to clients through recommendations from businesses you have partnered with or clients you have worked for previously.


Whether your business is in its infancy or it’s been operating for decades, opportunities to learn and develop should be taken advantage of.

By working with others, you can see how others work. You might see others adopting new or different ways of getting a job done, which may be better than your methods at the time. Businesses you work with may have years more experience with a wealth of industry knowledge to pass on, or they could be newer to the industry with knowledge or training in the latest and greatest techniques – if you’re open to learning from anyone, you’ll be primed to hone your craft and become more efficient.

Sharing your own knowledge and expertise can also help your business by showing yourself as an expert in your field, adding to your reputation. Someone you share your expertise with can see you as an asset and may want to give you a call to collaborate again on jobs that they secure in future.


When you work as part of a team, there are more perspectives on a subject. In some cases, this can be a hinderance whereby differences of opinion may lead to disputes, slowing down overall progress. However, if managed well, differing opinions can highlight the negative aspects of a plan and identify the best way forward to success.

With others onboard, the team has the capacity to think outside the box and introduce new ideas, or reign things in and promote methods of best practice that have stood the test of time.

So long as feedback is constructive with the bigger picture in mind, a collaborative team can provide the best possible result for their client or customer. 


A style of working which is growing in popularity is the use of co-working spaces – or shared office space. Co-working environments offer businesses the chance to meet others in the same shared space and become a familiar character in that community.

Co-Working spaces are utilised by companies from all backgrounds, from single person start-ups to representatives of established organisations operating as a satellite unit. From graphic design and copywriting to recruitment and legal services, co-working environments can be exceptionally varied.

With so many varied companies and individuals all working within the same environment, there are plenty of opportunities to reap the benefits of collaborative working.


At Space 2B at The Maltings, we have developed a habitat for businesses looking to grow. Our co-working space in Cardiff offers its tenants a world of opportunity to collaborate with other co-working members as well as over 70 private-office businesses onsite.

With a variation of flexible daily and monthly memberships, we can cater for young and established businesses alike in a space that’s 5 minutes from Cardiff City Centre.

Our rolling monthly memberships come with free parking, tea & coffee, WiFi, printing facilities, private spaces for phone calls and lockers all included in the price – and for our more frequent members, we even have a free onsite gym you can use.

If you are looking for a shared working space in Cardiff, give us a call – you can book a free trial day to come and try the space for yourself.

Tel: 029 2046 2045


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