The key to a perfect lunchbreak

17th Aug 2017 by Space2B

We’re all guilty of sneaking a snack at our desk and not taking a proper lunchbreak now and again.

Whether this is because we are simply too busy to leave the office or it seems to be company etiquette not to take a lunch hour, stepping away from work for a while, savouring something yummy and socialising will do you wonders. 

Here are our tips for the perfect lunch break:

  • Chill out – relaxing, even just for 15 minutes, will boost productivity. Go to a quiet place and try to switch off from work. Even better, if you have the opportunity, take a twenty-minute nap.
  • Fresh air – going for a brisk walk in the open air has been proven to increase the happy hormones, and a bit of sunshine (if we’re lucky!) will increase serotonin – a natural mood booster.
  • For those office workers lucky enough to have access to a gym nearby (or onsite such as The Maltings), ‘just do it’! Mid-afternoon is the optimum time for exercise, so take a late lunch and take full advantage.
  • Eat the right foods – try a tuna sandwich or mackerel salad to boost your brainpower and blueberries for pudding to help concentration. Avoid anything too sugary that may induce a post-lunch slump.
  • Focus on the food – If you’re not concentrating on what you’re putting in your mouth chances are you’ll overeat and, while it’s important not to miss a meal, it’s also key not to eat too much as this can increase melatonin which can cause drowsiness.
  • Socialise – make the most of your time and go for a catch-up, either with colleagues (NOT talking about work!), friends or family. Clear your head of work for 60 minutes.
  • Utilise your free time – if you have errands to run or essentials to buy don’t waste your evening or weekends, make your lunch break count.
  • Break with tradition – experiment with your lunch. A homemade Caesar salad, a halloumi wrap or visiting a local deli can make a nice change and avoid getting stuck in a lunchtime rut. Give yourself something to look forward to.

The Maltings boasts an onsite gym and café, as well as break-out areas. To find out how The Maltings can work for you, your business and your employees, visit, call 02920 46 20 45 or email


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