Tips for top teamwork

11th Sep 2017 by Space2B

A major key to business success is effective teamwork. If you can communicate well with all departments and ensure everyone works towards a shared vision, you’re on to a winner; productivity will soar, profits will increase and staff morale should remain high. But how can you communicate across departments if you work in different offices, on separate floors, or even in different countries?

Advances in technology mean cross-country collaboration is easy; you can speak to your colleagues in New York as easily as you can to your co-workers in Newport. Sometimes it can actually be harder to make time to get together when you’re in the same building. Shared office spaces, like The Maltings, make group get-togethers a doddle with break-out areas, dedicated state-of-the-art meeting rooms for two to eighteen people, and an onsite café perfect for catch-ups.

Regular productive updates are vital to ensure everyone in an organisation is working towards the same goal. Prior to a meeting, set a list of action points and know who is responsible for each. Allow everyone in the room to speak freely and don’t criticize. Encourage new ways of thinking or problem-solving. Be honest with each other and give credit where it’s due.

With everyone clear on where you are going and how you are going to get there, there should be no stopping your top team.


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