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From solo entrepreneurs to teams of over 150, Space2B at The Maltings is home to a diverse range of businesses including health science professionals, law firms, recruitment agencies, graphic design studios and more. 

Rooted in one of Cardiff’s most reassured historical landmarks – a Grade II listed Victorian Malthouse – Space2B is a fine example of where heritage meets innovative engineering and design.

Tenants of Space2B enjoy a free on-site gym, dedicated on-site café and with hand sanitiser dispensers and sensor activated doors, taps, soap dispensers and flushes along with CCTV coverage and a dedicated security team, we provide a safe and hygienic environment for people to work in.

Our modern workspaces provide state-of-the-art facilities and our on-site management and customer care team are on-hand to help our tenants be as efficient as they can be in doing what matters most – nurturing their business.

Seeing our tenants and their businesses thrive is what brings a smile to our face. It’s why we do what we do.

We’ve seen several success stories over the years. Companies that started with only 2 people have scaled up to teams of 20, 60 and even over 100 and thanks to our flexible agreement structure, all this has happened under one roof.

Take a 3D walkthrough tour of just a small sample of some of the office space we have on offer.
Take a 360° tour of Space2B
Take a 360° tour of Space2B

Need a space for you and your laptop? Or room for your team? Make it Space2B at The Maltings.