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Upcoming Events, with Space2B at The Maltings.

Join us over the next few months and take part in our Member Events! There's something for everyone and you won't be disappointed.

With the lighter nights kicking in, and the weather getting better, we're excited to host an array of events to get you feeling ready for a fun-filled and prosperous summer with Space2B at The Maltings.

We've had the pleasure of welcoming some of Cardiff's biggest brands to Space2B at The Maltings! From networking events, to female-empowerment workshops, we're proud to offer something for each of our Members.

Over the next few months, we have a range of exciting events to enjoy! Check them out below, and sign on before we sell out.

On-site Yoga

We truly believe in fostering our community spirit, which is why we hold weekly FREE Yoga classes. Find out more, here.


20 April 2023: Space2B Darts Competition

Come along to our friendly Darts Competition at The Maltings and be in the chance to win £100 CASH! The runner up gets £50.

To enter, please click here.


26 April 2023: Entrepreneurial Coaching Drop In Session

Space2B are extremely honoured to have a drop in clinic for businesses looking for coaching or advice! The Entrepreneurial Coaching Drop In Session will be held on our Mezzanine, with Andrew Jones from AJ Entrepreneur Coaching.


19 May 2023: Sir Gareth Edwards Cancer Charity Bake Sale

Space2B, Blue Self Storage, Techsol & Amitech are getting together to run a Charity Bake Sale for their chosen Charity of the Year; the Sir Gareth Edwards Charity.

To find out more about how you can donate, or attend, please click here.


25 May 2023: Fierce Femmes Event with Kelly Powling

We are the new home for Fierce Femmes, and what an amazing time we've had working with Kelly thus far!

Fierce Femmes is a female empowered networking group that make meaningful connections, learn from each other and support local businesses and charities.

Events take place throughout the year, with guest speakers, refreshments and local pop-up shops.

The next event at Space2B is 25 May, and you can get your tickets here.


30 June 2023: Ultimate Summer BBQ for Space2B Members

Every year, Space2B holds the ultimate Summer BBQ, which is FREE to attend for all Members!

This year, we're partnerning with Mr Croquewhich to bring the tastiest, most juiciest, meal alongside a free bar and on-site entertainment.

It really isn't an event to be missed!

We look forward to seeing you all at our upcoming events.


If you have any questions, please email: or click here to submit a contact form.

Are you looking to hold you own event? Get in touch with us today to see how we can help bring your dream to reality.

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